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  • Built: 1, 2, 5 turns
  • Under construction: 4 turns

Residential complex "7YA" is located at the intersection of Charles de Gaulle street and Tauelsizdik avenue. 4-lane traffic on avenue Tauelsizdik will provide residents of the complex automobile traffic without traffic jams in this district. The residential complex has an attractive location from the point of view of transport accessibility to the historical center and new administrative bank. The complex has a large yard. The modern and safe playgrounds and sports grounds are planned for children. The yard is landscaped and verdured.


просп. Тауелсиздик 21

Room number

3 комн. квартиры от 305000тг 1.м2 и 5 комн.квартиры от 270 000тг в ЖК 7-я 4-2 очереди

Price m2

at 270 000 TG

  • Built: Vesna 1, Vesna 2, Vesna 3, Vesna 4, Zima 1, Zima 2, Zima 3, Osen' 1, Osen' 2
  • Under construction: Multi-storey residential complex (Implementing a queue - summer 1-1.1-2 15-24 Floor, summer 2-1.2-2 15-24 Floor)

“Vremena Goda” is a nine-floor residential complex, which frame is made of monolithic reinforced concrete, and the outer walls are made of bricks. The facade is faced with Greaton ceramic tiles, manufactured in Germany. Comfortable apartments are represented by different squares (from 30 to 115 square meters) and different number of rooms. It is located on the left bank, in square of Kabanbai batyr avenue, Kerei zhene, Zhanibek handar, Sauran and № 24 streets. There are central entertainment park, shopping mall Asia Park, a medical cluster, stadium “Astana Arena”, a cycle track, Lexus and BMW car dealerships, Public Service Center of Esil district. Direct access to Kabanbai Batyr Avenue makes a convenient trip as trip to the country, so as administrative and business center. It is bordered with the large park area in front of the stadium "Astana Arena", there are a large number of socially significant objects in immediate proximity. The complex provides built-in parking with direct access to residential areas, playgrounds, walking areas, landscape design, gardening.


пр. Кабанбай батыра, 48

Room number

4-х комнатные квартиры в ЖК Времена Года (Лето) 1-2

Price m2

at 310 000 TG

Дополнительные условия

Скидка 4% при оплате 100% суммы

  • Built

“Green Quarter” is unique innovative project of multifunctional energy efficient complex in Astana. Intended to be comfortable, modern, environmentally friendly, "Green Quarter" will definitely decorate the capital of Kazakhstan. It is the first project in the republic that embodies the concept of creating the compact district, which is independent of noisy city, where large infrastructure and large number of open green spaces, parks and squares are provided.

“Green Quarter” is a unique residential complex, combining modern comfort and ecological cleanliness of city environment. The project is based on concept of creating the compact district, which is independent of noisy city, where large infrastructure and large number of open green spaces, parks and squares are provided. There are nearby shopping center "Khan Shatyr", "Fitness Palace", park of lovers. There are all necessary objects of social and domestic infrastructure on the territory of the complex. Facade is made from artificial stone, energy-saving stained glass systems, panoramic glazing. The original architectural idea is to locate a residential area along a unique pond and a park zone that more emphasizes the fusion of nature with saturated landscape of urban life. The main idea is to save all the advantages of living in nature, that's why there is a park zone with elements of landscape ecological design and natural lake of area of 20 000 m, besides yards with greenery, flowers and shrubs. There are guest parking spaces on the territory of the complex. "Smart parking" is the set of automated devices and systems, which allow create an atmosphere of calmness, comfort and security. The advantages of complex: smart design, energy efficiency, water resources protection, healthy environment, smart location, intelligent transport logistics.


Астана, ул. Сыганак ( улица Е-10, 17Л )

Room number

Блок B1 - 1 квартира , Блок B10 - 3 квартиры, Блок B4 - 5 квартир, Блок B5 - 1 квартира, Блок B6 - 6 квартир, Блок B7 - 5 квартир, Блок B8 - 3, B9 - 1 квартира

Price m2

at 395 000 TG

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