Open Doors Day

There are 2 official Open Day for apartment owners: 1 - at the construction stage 3-4 typical floors; 2 - 3 months before the date of the residential complex;
And also, the client is given a visit to the object before buying.
The developer has the right to refuse to visit during the dangerous types of work.

You can visit an object, communicate to a project team and future neighbors at a banquet table upon the invitation of the Company.

All owners are invited for a certain day for mass viewing of rooms.

Objects Object address Manager of happiness Phone number Date of the open day Cрок приема заявлений по перепланировке
Нет данных

You can order re-planning of rooms from the company from the moment of the beginning of  construction before the expiration of 10 days after holding the Open Day of an object

The cost of re-planning consists from:

300 000 KZT (administrative expenses - change of the registration certificate/project)

Estimates on works and materials (calculation for each statement is individual)

In case of any kind of re-planning it is forbidden:

Mounting/dismantling of heat sinks

Connection of loggias/balconies to the useful area

Any change involving change of a facade

Dismantling of bearing walls

Visiting an Object under construction it is forbidden:
  • To take children, teenagers (under 18 years of age) before the construction of the house will be completed.
  • To be in an area of coverage of cranes, hanging structures for finishing of facades, self-propelled mechanisms, to be near mobile parts of mechanisms and cars;
  • To come into rooms of transformer boxes, boxes with electric equipment;
  • To switch on and off knife switches, electric lighting buttons, to change electric lamps, safety locks, to stop machines and the mechanized tools, to make a point of tools, to be connected to distributive electrical panels without permission;
  • To smoke near the acetylene device and to touch oxygen cylinders in greasy gloves and/or fat hands;
  • To clean working clothes gasoline and flammable liquids;
  • To make fire or to set fire to something;
  • To be on an object under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • To drink alcoholic drinks on the Object;
  • To approach lift mines closer, than on 0,5 meters, to overhang from barriers of apertures;
  • To pass between machines, on the put material, details and procurements;
  • To touch electrical equipment , electrical panels, an armature of general lighting, electrical wires, plugs and current-carrying parts;
  • To open doors of electrical panels, to remove protections and protection covers from current-carrying parts and equipment;
  • To jump off on the ground or on the floor from building machines and motor transport from any height. It is necessary to fall on the level of the ground or the floor, holding hand-rails, or other reliably strengthened parts;
  • Smoking is permitted only in specially designated areas.
  • On the construction site it is necessary to pass only on the roads provided / specially intended for these purposes.
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